Write Questions For The Answers

Be clear about the type of answer you are looking for. Indicate clearly whether you want facts or feelings and phrase questions to match. Write questions for the underlined words in these sentences: My uncle died in 1990. Anne was in london last week. They drive to work twice a week. There were 3 chairs in the kitchen. She's wearing jeans and a white blouse. Her school is 5 miles away from the village. The tickets are $10.

He can speak 3 languages. I haven’t had enough time yet. Her husband is a very handsome man. Debes escribir las preguntas a las respuestas usando el formato correcto. Write questions for the answers on the board. Escriban las preguntas a las respuestas que están en la pizarra. Write questions for the answers below. Escriba las preguntas a las respuestas a continuación. These 27 quiz questions and answers will definitely boost your brain power and will make you feel deliciously tired after a nice brain workout: Write questions, right answers.


As educators, we teach students who possess a broad range of study skills. Some have developed excellent practices, but many struggle by unnecessarily employing ineffective and inefficient study methods. I believe that, among the many jobs we as educators are responsible for, teaching students how to study. Do you have any pets? Have you got sisters or brothers?

Class 2 Science { Ch-5 Our Body ( Exercises- Answer the following questions)}

When taking an essay exam, your first step should be to: Read the items and jot down ideas and examples. Immediately start on the most difficult question. And then read each question aloud; Ask how the groups replied, and mark the answers with an x on the flipchart. As respostas com um x no flipchart. Write the question word s, the questions and answers in the chart. Escreva o pronome interrogativo, as peguntas e. Every day, because i love playing games on my phone. She goes to school on foot.

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